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Image by Braňo

Can we reprogram our DNA?

Our Technology allows this in a very different way, and it might not be what you think.

Our genetic makeup is being tampered with; global reset is more than what meets the eye.

Our view of the world is increasingly changing, things are being reset, including us!

GMO's are everywhere, nature has been tampered with, can we reverse this?

Our best defense is within us, the question is, how to unlock it? For the past two decades we've been busy researching and developing products to withstand the challenges of our time.

We hope you will find this information interesting and not to be the normal story, our technology and products that accomplish this are the future of health and food.


Powering the Science of Growth

The science behind our technology, stems from many disciplines:

  • understanding of the Bion

  • structured water

  • phytonutrition

  • glyconutrients

  • natural increased production of stem cells

  • symatic resonance

  • embedded scalar fields

  • biomimicry

  • scalar wave guides

  • laser growth enhancement

  • Schumann resonance 

  • circadian rhythms

  • phytochrome and much more


How all these impacts on the most basic building block - the cell - let's explore it together. 

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