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ERS Gold plated probes


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Stimulate root development & uniform plant growth with Electromagnetic Resonance System (ERS)

Advance Electromagnetic Resonance System Gold-plated probes for Advance 500 extension


The Advance ERS Gold-plated probes are for all sorts of medium such as soil to hydroponics and the ideal extension to your Advance 500. The feedback sensitive probes are controlled with the AI system and can be connected with the 
on-board resonance generator of the Advance 500. Inserted into the substrate, they produce low electromagnetic frequencies, which are stimulating the plant root development and uniform plant growth and are to a certain extent shielding your plants from undesired electromagnetic influences. 

Each ERS probe can cover up to 3 cubic meter space and are resistant to high humidity. The probes are easy to clean and easy to install. 

Efficacy values represent typical output values for stable operation at 25°C ambient temperature.

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